Samsung Galaxy A52 User Manual Operating Instructions

The Samsung Galaxy A52 User Manual provides some solutions on how to operate this device. Samsung A52 5G is one of the successors that will compete with other best-selling phones in the world. Moreover, Samsung is already providing the replacement and now you can find that the design of Galaxy A52 5G from the first leaked photo.

The phone comes with some interesting features such as a music-sharing setting and also Snapchat filters in the native camera app provided by Samsung. Well, anytime you need a user manual for Galaxy A52, you can use this tutorial to solve it.

galaxy a52 user manual

Galaxy A52 User Manual – How to Use Find My Mobile

All Samsung devices are available with security options to make sure that no wrong person access your phone without your permission. Additionally, Samsung completes this phone with some security features to make sure that no one resets your device. For this reason, you must remember the unlock method and how to keep the backups of the data regularly.

Moreover, Samsung recommends users to set up the remote unlock method such as using Smart Lock, Find My Mobile and other features that will help you anytime you forget the password to unlock the device.

If you lose or forget where you place your device, you can use the Find My Mobile feature to help you find it, lock or then wipe it. This feature is also useful if you want to unlock the device, by following the steps below:

  • Connect your device to a Wi-FI or a mobile network.
  • Make sure that your phone has signed into the Samsung Account.
  • Remote control and remote unlock settings must be active
  • Enter the username and password of your Samsung Account.

After that, you can start using the steps below to activate Find My Mobile:

  1. Use your computer to open Find My Mobile.
  2. After that, use your Samsung account by signing into it.
  3. Choose unlock.
  4. After that, select unlock.
  5. Your phone will display a pop-up window, notifies you that you have to enter your Samsung Account password. To continue, enter the password and then choose Next.
  6. You will see a notification on your phone that tells you about the unlock method is reset. Now, you can swipe the screen to unlock the device.

Install A SIM/ Memory Card

Another common question about using a Galaxy device is on how to install a SIM or a memory card. If you are using Galaxy A52, you can read the steps below and follow them.

  • To insert a memory card or SIM, use the ejector PIN. After that, insert the pin into the hole to open the SIM tray.
  • To continue, check out the dual SIM tray. You can use double SIMS or a single SIM and a memory SD card.
  • Make sure the gold-colored contacts of your memory card or SIM face down the tray.
  • Push the tray gently back into the device.

Those are all things you should know about the use of the Samsung Galaxy A52 User Guide. For more information about this device or other problems, you can contact Samsung’s official website to get help.

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Signing up Free Apple ID for iTunes Store – the Guideline

You may need to purchase a range of digital music and digital products such as movies, apps, and audio books. We can say that the iTunes Store can be the great resource. It is important to have an iTunes account in case that you want to use the iTunes Gift Cards to buy or to redeem. Even it is the place to access any free downloads as well as services. Here’s how to signing up your Free Apple ID.

free apple id

Steps to signing up free Apple ID

It is possible for you to create your free iTunes account even though you do not have an iPod or iPad. This helps you to access Apple’s online store. Below, we provide you the guideline.


  1. Launch the iTunes. If you have this app on your computer, you need to download the latest version. To download, visit the iTunes website.
  2. Look at the left panel of the iTunes. Click the iTunes Store menu option (below the STORE section).

create new itunes

Click Sign In at the top of the right-hand side of the iTunes main window. Choose the Create New Account button displayed in the dialog screen.

  1. There is a welcome screen and click Continue. Then, you have to read the Apple’s terms and conditions. If you want to continue and you agree with these, click the check box at the side of I have read and agree to these terms and conditions. Click Continue to go to the next step.
  2. You will see Apple ID Details screen and you must enter all the required information to create the iTunes account, such as our email address, birthday, and password. Fill the secret question to help you at any time when you forget about the security. Clear one or both check boxes if you do not want to get any communications from Apple through your email. Click Continue.
  3. If you want to pay by credit card, choose the type of your credit card by clicking one of the radio buttons. After that, you must enter the details of your cards based in the correct field. Enter your billing address details based on the credit card registration. Click the Continue button to proceed. However, if you use PayPal, not a credit card you must click Continue to verify the details of your PayPal. It will bring you to another screen through your internet browser to sign into your PayPal account. Click Agree and Continue button.
  4. Now, you have created your account. It is successful if you see a congratulations screen to verify that you have an iTunes account right now. Click Done button and finish.

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How to Reboot iPhone 12: Release Troubles Instantly

Are you the user of the iPhone 12? If so, you might ever experience some troubles while using it. When you find troubles like iPhone 12 frozen, network issues, worse performance, and any others, you can try to reboot it. Then, do you know how to reboot iPhone 12? If you never know about it, you can see the explanation below. There will be the right iPhone 12 manual to reboot your device. Just check them out.

reboot iphone 12

The right steps to reboot iPhone 12

To reboot your iPhone 12 successfully, you need to do the right steps. So, you can follow the steps below to make it happen. Here we go.

  1. Press the Volume up

First, you have to press this button that is located on the right side of the phone. Don’t forget to quickly release it after you press the button.

  1. Press the Volume down

After you do the first step, you can do the same to the Volume down button. You can press and release the button. It is located on the right side of the phone, under the Volume up button.

  1. Press and hold the side button

Last, you can end this action by pressing and holding the Side button. It is located on the left side of the phone. You can hold the button until you see the Apple logo occur on the screen of your phone. When the logo appears, you can release the button.

After you do this step, the iPhone 12’s screen will go dark. Then, it will start to shut down and also reboot automatically.

2 significant benefits of rebooting your iPhone

When you reboot your phone, you will get a few benefits. Here are the two significant benefits you will get. Check them out.

  1. Help the iPhone 12 resolve network issues

After you use your device for a long time, it is possible that your phone loses connection with the T-Mobile network. As a result, this condition will lead to network issues. So, by rebooting your iPhone 12, some issues like a poor signal, slow data speeds, messaging problems, and calling problems will be resolved.

  1. Improve the iPhone 12’s performance

Some open background applications on your phone will slow down its performance. When you always reboot your phone regularly, all of them will automatically be closed. Thus, when all apps are closed, your phone will get better performance.

Well, that is all about how to reboot your iPhone 12 to share with you. Just do it and get the benefits of rebooting your phone.

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