How to Fix Netflix App Crash to Often in Easy Ways

Netflix is among the newest trends today. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, the online media streaming service offers your favorite shows and movies all the time.

However, the service still being quite new to the people makes users unaware of how to solve certain issues at their end. Besides, one of the most common issue that people face is the crashing of Netflix app.

fix netflix app crash

Easy to Fix for Netflix App Crash

Fortunately, you need not worry because in many cases the problem can be best solved at your end.

The first and the foremost thing you must try is:

  • Restart your Netflix.
  • If that fails too, you must restart the device by turning it off and back on.

TIPS: This works best for Televisions, Blu-Ray players and phones.

Further if even that doesn’t put an end to your woes, you will have to dig a little deeper in to the problem. At this moment, if you are using the application on your phone, tablet or a streaming box like the Apple TV, you must:

  • Uninstall the application.
  • Reboot your deviceAnd, re-install Netflix.

Similarly, if you are using the streaming service on Smart TVs or Blu-ray devices you must consider signing out of your account and then sign back in. Besides, if it still crashes and you have the Wireless Range Extender, you are required to update your firmware as it was the case with certain people. Updating the firmware too should resolve the matter for sure.

One of the most common problems with Netflix is related to internet connectivity. Unfortunately Netflix isn’t always the best at explaining what’s going on.

If nothing works out, try contacting Netflix support or your Internet service provider to let a professional look into the matter.  That is a simple stepps to fix Netflix App crash. Hope can help you.

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How to Disable Laptop Keyboard Without Difficulties

If you are the users of laptop and you want to know the ways of how to disable laptop keyboard, don’t worry! Greatly, we will not provide the ways which are difficult to do. However, we are going to offer some simple ways that you can do to disable your laptop keyboard. Thus, you will enjoy in doing some steps of disabling the keyboard of your laptop.

disable laptop keyboard

Simple guide to disable laptop keyboard

Talking about the easy ways to disabling keyboard on your laptop, you should do these following guide. Actually, it is used to avoid the system on your laptop installing the driver automatically.

  • Go to Start

The first step that you have to do is going to the Start menu. Then, you can look for type in gpedit.msc

  • Tap file

The second steps can be done by tapping File in order to open the Local Group Policy Editor. Besides, it can show the Windows who is in control. In relation to disabling the keyboard of your laptop, you should choose the Administrative Templates, click System and then click Device Installation.

  • Tap Prevent Installation

Actually, you are able to do this step by tapping the option of Prevent Installation of the devices. In a fact, it is not described by other settings of policy and can edit that option. Finally, just set it on the condition of Enabled.

  • Uninstall the driver

For uninstalling the driver of your laptop, you are suggested to select the option of Device Manager and then click on Keyboards. By doing that, you are able to find the list of the keyboards. Next, you should tap on the one which you want to disable. Last, please tap the right click and just press uninstall. Hence, you can disable your laptop keyboard.

Well, those are the explanation to disable laptop keyboard. It is very easy to do, isn’t it? So, just try it well!

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Simple Guide How to Tell Siri Who You Are on the iPhone

The users of iPhone are happy due to the Siri feature. Siri is a smart system that can help the Apple users to do many things. As the users, you can ask questions to Siri in a random way and ask to help you do things on your phone. You can ask Siri to browse and even make a call. Here’s how you can tell Siri about you just in a simple way.

tell siri who you are

Many people are happy with this feature. But still, some of them need to know how to activate it. And yes, Siri can be a little bit impersonal. You can tell Siri who you are before you use it. And the question is about the way to tell Siri about yourself.

How to telling Siri about you on your iPhone

It is all started with a contact, your own contact. Make sure that you have your own number in your contacts. If you don’t have, the write it and save your own number. After setting this, now it’s time to turn on the Siri and introduce to Siri the real you.

After you got your number on your phone, then head to the Settings and scroll down the menu. Go for the Siri and Search. To use Siri, toggle the menu that you can see. Please only turn on the ones that suit you.

You will see the menu My Information in the middle of the screen. Tap it and pick your name from the Contact list. And now, Siri understands who you are.

And you can also practice how to use Siri if you haven’t used it before. It is a nice intelligent robot that developed for the Apple.

You can start from say a greeting to Siri and continue to ask something to get a proof for yourself. Isn’t it fun to play with the technology?

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