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What’s Your Excuse Again?


It’s no secret I’m strong. I’ve been through some shit.

I’ve been evicted. I’ve filed bankruptcy. I’ve been in abusive relationships. I’ve been raped. I’ve had a vehicle repossessed. My mother was abusive. My father was only around on weekends. I’ve been spit on, bullied, pushed around. I deal with depression nearly every day. Yet…YET… [Read More...]

Stop It. NAO!



You need to get up and go outside. Too often, when we go for a walk, we think we’re doing good stuff for our insides, mentally and physically. But, we often just look down, letting our worries and burdens fill our mind. So I want you to do this the next time you go for a walk: [Read More...]

Live A Little!

There’s a plain fact of life that I see so many people ignoring…

At some point in your day, you gotta STOP and smell the roses. Trite saying? Yeah, but so true.

What good is all the money in the WORLD if you don’t use it to enjoy your own life and enhance the lives of those around you? No good at all, if you ask me!

So today, no matter what, I want you to just stop and look around. Go for a walk. Play with your kids, or the dog. Play with your significant other (bow chicka bow bowwwww)…

Just do it!


At some point, you’re going to have to stop pretending to do things and actually do them, if you want to reach any level of success in your business. To that end, I’ve created this little Public Service Announcement video. 



Are You Living Life Like A Smorgasbord?

As it happens, whenever my husband and I go to Fitger’s Brewhouse for lunch, he turns all IM ninja strategizer on me, so I generally bring a notebook and take notes. Today was seriously no exception. I have a full page of notes from today’s little soiree.

One of the topics we discussed was how him and I and our family live life like it’s a smorgasbord. Let me explain a bit.
[Read More...]

One Scarrrrrry Thing.

So, the last time I challenged myself, I got half nekkid in front of a camera and sang. What could top that? Well, that really depends on your perspective.

See, I used to have a very deep-seated need for acceptance. This has gotten me into more trouble than I care to admit, and slowly…very slowly…in my adult life, I have come to realize that I not everyone will like me and that I can’t possibly please everyone. Which is absolutely true, right? Not only is it true, it’s absolutely OKAY, too! Not everyone HAS to like you, and you’ll still be just as awesome! [Read More...]

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