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iPhone 13 Price: Apple’s Latest Flagship Could Cost Less than the iPhone 12

There is good news for you who are curious to get your hands on the new iPhone 13. The new phone that may be released soon will start at a lower price than when iPhone 12 was released. Although the price may not be everything, it often is the decisive factor that made people purchase the phone. The trend so far has always been the latest iPhone is significantly more expensive than the previous one. However, that might change soon.

When September comes, and so are the new details of the iPhone 13. What’s more, Apple might choose to release the new phone then. With the talk about iPhone 14 already starting. This could be a sign of danger for iPhone 12’s popularity.

The New Apple iPhone 13 Price Prediction

An Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, predicted that the top-end iPhone 14, possibly called Pro Max, will have the starting price at $900. This speculation caused quite an uproar since that price is considerably low for a flagship phone. To compare, the Samsung Galaxy s21 price is started at $1200, and the iPhone 12 retail price is at $799.

There is a chance that the starting price for the upcoming iPhone 13 is also $799. Or maybe even lower, considering that it won’t have any major upgrade than the previous version.

iphone 13 price

When it comes to pricing across the generations, Apple may seem inconsistent at first. However, one thing for sure is that they always try to provide a more affordable version.

Learning from Samsung Galaxy FE (Fan Edition) and Google Pixel 5 that has quite affordable starting price. Apple may do the same. And if they do, it will make the flagship competition fiercer.

Since Apple has confirmed that they will still be releasing the mini, pro, and Pro Max versions of iPhone 13, it will be interesting to see how much the price will differ.

Keep in mind that there have been some whispers about iPhone 14. Even though it’s still whispers and floating rumors. There’s a high chance that Apple is releasing iPhone 14 in close succession with the iPhone 13.

As usual, whenever a new iPhone is being released, the previous model’s price went free falling. However, since there are no major differences between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, people may choose the cheaper iPhone 12. Thus, put the price on steady.

If you are thinking to get a new iPhone 12 now. You may want to wait a little longer to see if there is a major price difference. It is sometimes best to wait for a little before getting a new iPhone. But if you need a new phone soon. Then you can start checking out the prices for an iPhone 12. After all, it’s one of the best all-rounder flagship phones this year.

The 5G connectivity

iPhone 12 is the first iPhone that supports 5G connectivity. And in addition to having massive improvements from iPhone 11. Many critics choose this phone to be included in the best list.

So far, iPhone 12 has managed to be the iPhone that brings the largest revenue to Apple. This fact is mainly because the phone is considered affordable given the technology it has.

The iPhone 12 has large technology improvements than iPhone 11. As it is the first iPhone that has 5G connectivity. It also has Corning ceramic shield that makes even a clumsy person can have an iPhone without the worry of breaking it.

Another reason why iPhone 12 is immensely popular is the fact that it’s affordable enough. The price doesn’t differ much from than iPhone 11, yet it packs a much better technology.

The bar is set quite high for iPhone 13 to reach. But it is possible to do since the phone might not have massive upgrades. After all, people have started talking about iPhone 14.

It is already common knowledge that Apple might not introduce a drastic change for iPhone 13. Therefore, you could expect a similar pricing scheme for the upcoming phone.

And if the rumor is true that they are already working on the preparation for iPhone 14. You may want to get the iPhone 12 now and have it upgraded at a later date. Or well, wait for the price to get lower when Apple release iPhone 13.

if you already have it, you need to read the user manual for the phone. You can find it here.

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How to Create Hotspot Using LG V20 to Sharing your Connections

With the growing sophistication of smartphones today, besides we can use it as a telephone and to send a message, we can also use the smartphone as a personal hotspot. Nowadays, almost everyone relies on the internet. With the existing dependence and also with the needs of the people today, that almost all public places using the hotspot. It aims to facilitate the smartphone users that can access the Internet anywhere and anytime.

However, not infrequently, a hotspot in the area has a bad network so difficult for us to access the Internet. To overcome this problem, you can cope with the use your LG V20 as a personal hotspot on your other devices such as laptops. You don’t have to worry about running out of battery when you use it as a hotspot, because the new battery life on the V20 use the mobile hotspot feature battery, so it can last for hours.

create hotspot using lg v20

Steps to Create Hotspot Using LG V20

For those of you who want to start trying to use it as a hotspot, below we will give you information on how to use the mobile hotspot, and how to change the security password on LG V20.

Note: It’s important to note that some of the data plans that do not offer phone hotspot unless you upgrade to the service. Once you have followed the instructions above.

How to Make Hotspot on LG V20 

  1.  Go to Settings Notification
  2. Select Settings in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Browse for the Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspots and select.
  4. Then select the Mobile Hotspot.
  5. Change the On / Off switch to On.
  6. Select OK on the screen Attention advising you that WiFi will be turned off.
  7. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen to connect other devices to your V20.

How to change the password and security type

For those of you who want to replace the existing hotspot password can follow the steps below. It is also the default for WPA2 for security.

  1. Go to Settings Notification
  2. Select Settings in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Browse for the Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspots and select.
  4. Then select the Mobile Hotspot.
  5. Select the three dot to see more options.
  6. Select Configure.
  7. Change the password and select Save.

That is the simple steps to create hotspot using LG V20 to sharing your connections for your family or your friends.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 User Manual Operating Instructions

Galaxy A52 User Manual provides some solutions on how to operate this device. Samsung A52 5G is one of the successors that will compete with other best-selling phones in the world. Moreover, Samsung is already providing the replacement and now you can find that the design of Galaxy A52 5G from the first leaked photo.

The phone comes with some interesting features such as a music-sharing setting and also Snapchat filters in the native camera app provided by Samsung. Well, anytime you need a user manual for Galaxy A52, you can use this tutorial to solve it.

galaxy a52 user manual

Galaxy A52 User Manual – How to Use Find My Mobile

All Samsung devices are available with security options to make sure that no wrong person access your phone without your permission. Additionally, Samsung completes this phone with some security features to make sure that no one resets your device. For this reason, you must remember the unlock method and how to keep the backups of the data regularly.

Moreover, Samsung recommends users to set up the remote unlock method such as using Smart Lock, Find My Mobile and other features that will help you anytime you forget the password to unlock the device.

If you lose or forget where you place your device, you can use the Find My Mobile feature to help you find it, lock or then wipe it. This feature is also useful if you want to unlock the device, by following the steps below:

  • Connect your device to a Wi-FI or a mobile network.
  • Make sure that your phone has signed into the Samsung Account.
  • Remote control and remote unlock settings must be active
  • Enter the username and password of your Samsung Account.

After that, you can start using the steps below to activate Find My Mobile:

  1. Use your computer to open Find My Mobile.
  2. After that, use your Samsung account by signing into it.
  3. Choose unlock.
  4. After that, select unlock.
  5. Your phone will display a pop-up window, notifies you that you have to enter your Samsung Account password. To continue, enter the password and then choose Next.
  6. You will see a notification on your phone that tells you about the unlock method is reset. Now, you can swipe the screen to unlock the device.

Install A SIM/ Memory Card

Another common question about using a Galaxy device is on how to install a SIM or a memory card. If you are using Galaxy A52, you can read the steps below and follow them.

  • To insert a memory card or SIM, use the ejector PIN. After that, insert the pin into the hole to open the SIM tray.
  • To continue, check out the dual SIM tray. You can use double SIMS or a single SIM and a memory SD card.
  • Make sure the gold-colored contacts of your memory card or SIM face down the tray.
  • Push the tray gently back into the device.

Those are all things you should know about the use of the Galaxy A52 User Manual. For more information about this device or other problems, you can contact Samsung’s official website to get help.

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