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Is Your Computer Slow? Here’s How to Make Laptop Run Faster

There is nothing more frustrating than a slothful computer, especially when you are working on it. Instead of buying a new computer, consider to speed up your laptop with some smart ways. You can do some actions such as uninstalling unused programs, deleting temporary files, getting more RAM, and any others. Here’s how to make your laptop run faster than before.

make laptop faster

Simple guide to make your laptop running faster easily

In general, new laptop usually comes with lots of programs you will never ever use and you maybe don’t know what they are for. Several programs even run in the background when you are loading your laptop, although you are not even using them.

  • Uninstalling unused programs

To remove all those pointless programs, click Programs button in Control Panel and then click on Features page. Try to have a trawl throughout the list of installed software. Uninstall programs you don’t need. however, you should also be careful to leave some programs your laptop’s hardware really need. take into account that important programs will be listed as Microsoft or laptop maker’s name.

uninstalling unused programs

On the other hand, if you are not sure about which important programs you should keep, consider trying a program of third-party which is named PC Decrapifier. The program is free and will tell you which program you will actually need to keep or should be removed.

  • Deleting temporary files

Some temporary files on your laptop all the way through the day tasks. They tend to remain on your hard disk, and slow your laptop down. Try to get rid of those temporary files that include your internet cookies and histories. By removing them all, it will speed up your laptop as it gives you a larger amount of space in your hard disk.

deleting temporary files

To do this, you should click “My Computer” and then select the local drive which is usually in C:/. Opt for “Windows” folder and after than open up the folder named “Temp”. right-click the folder and within options of “View”, select “Details”. when you are done with it, choose all files which are older than the current date and then press the delete or backspace key. Once you have done, go to ‘Recycle Bin” and then clear it.

  • Adding more RAM

RAM (random Access Memory) is the memory of temporary storage which is used by your laptop. When it is in used, the tasks are being accomplished by some different programs. Hence, the more programs you are using, the more RAM you will need. Furthermore, the lower RAM you have, the slower your laptop will be.

add ram to laptop

An obvious indicator if you don’t have enough RAM if your laptop slows down each time you are trying to process large files. Or, it will brings some different actions straight away. To resolve this issue, you can add more RAM in your laptop by purchasing new memory or just adding an extra memory stick. There is no upper limit of RAM you can have. However, 4GB is considerably more than enough to speed up your laptop.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Best Laptop for Student

When it comes to buying a laptop for student, there are many things to consider. College can be expensive, adding up tuition, housing, books, and other miscellaneous fees. Food and other miscellaneous charges are also often included, making the laptop very expensive.

For this reason, it’s important to find the best laptops for arts student that can fit into your budget without breaking the bank. Students who are looking to buy a laptop with all the bells and whistles often overlook some of the features that they really need to have.

By doing so, they can spend much more money on purchasing things that they don’t need, instead of getting what they really need.

Things to know before buy a laptop for student

First, when shopping laptop for student, you want to be sure to get the best laptops that you can afford. There is a wide range of prices available for these types of equipment, but if you can, you should shop around. You can find the best laptop for art students by searching the web for different websites that offer discounts and specials.

This may be the best place to look for a bargain. You can often find students that are selling their old laptop for cheap on sites like eBay or Craigslist.

laptop for student

Once you have a few laptop comes in your price range, it’s time to start checking out the specs. Most of the laptops on the market today come with varying amounts of RAM, a standard of a 2021 rpm processor, and at least a 1 gigabyte hard drive.

The most important specifications to look for when shopping for a laptop are the size, weight, battery life, display, sound quality, video memory, and operating system. These specifications will determine what type of laptop you can get, as well as whether or not it’s portable enough to take with you on trips or vacations.

Make sure you get a laptop that comes with a powerful processor, plenty of hard drive space, a high definition screen, ample RAM, fast graphics, a good battery life, wireless support, a strong keyboard, a touch screen, and affordable prices.

Important factor

Another important factor to consider when looking at the different laptop for student options is the amount of memory offered. RAM is extremely important to laptop users. A laptop with enough RAM will allow for quicker retrieval of files, word processing, and overall web browsing speeds.

Make sure that the laptop has at least a 2 gigabyte of RAM, as this will give you enough space to download and store your emails, graphics, and videos.

Other important specifications to consider include the processor, graphics card, hard drive space, hard drive type (which Toshiba uses), video RAM, and the motherboard brand. Each of these laptop specifications will impact how powerful your laptop will be.


Finally, you need to think about the laptop battery timings. The laptop battery is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a laptop for student.

Some laptops have very long battery life times, while others have extremely short battery life times. As a student, you need to be able to bring your laptop around with you all the time, so having a laptop with a long battery life time is important.

The laptop’s screen resolution and optical drive size will also affect battery life times, so it is important to do some research and make sure you are getting the best battery timings for your needs.

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The Interesting Guide in the Tips for Laptop you can Follow

When you buy a new laptop, you may feel confused about using or even setting it. So, it is important for you to need the tips for a laptop. Actually, it is used to help you in knowing more about the laptop maintenance tips. Well, in this review, it will be available for you some easy tips in setting up your new laptop. Besides, it will also offer you some tips in taking care of your laptop. So, don’t wait for a long time to check them out!

tips for laptop

The tips for a laptop in setting up the new one

In relation to the ways of setting up your new laptop, there are some that you have to know and do. Do you want to recognize them? Just follow these ways!

  1. Run all the windows update

You can do it by typing “updates” that is located in the search box. Then, please tap the icon of Check for updates. So, the Windows will start to search for and download the updates one.

  1. Copy or sync the files

The second step is copying or syncing your own files which are important. It is, of course, there are so many documents, videos, photos or other files from the old laptop to the new one.

  1. Install antivirus

Many people know that the software of antivirus is very significant to have on every computer or laptop. Greatly, it can protect your laptop from a malware infection.

  1. Install the browser option

In this case, you will be offered two options of the browser, they are Chrome and Firefox. So, it is allowed for you to choose one of the browsers that you want to use in your laptop.

Some tricks in taking care of your laptop

Actually, a laptop needs a taking care from the owner and user. However, have you known about it, guys? If you do not know at all, it is necessary for you to follow these tips below.

  1. Clean the hard drive

The first tip that you should do is cleaning your hard drive. It is of course that there are so many files that are not important in the hard drive of your laptop. You can go to your hard drive in order to examine your files.

  1. Keep laptop clean

Cleaning your laptop can help you to avoid overheating and dust. Besides, it is also needed for you to clean the keyboard and screen of your laptop in order to get an easier view.

  1. Update the software

The last tips in take care your laptop is updating the software. In this case, you can update the anti-virus and other software programs. Additionally, it is suggested for you to install all new updates once a month.

Well, those are the user guide in the tips for a laptop. Hopefully, you can apply them in order to prevent the damage to the laptop.

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